Playgroup to Kindergarten: Reading level of a child, the vocabulary and concepts of colors and numbers are assessed. In addition, the confidence of the child, the level of spoken English and motor skills are taken into consideration. 

Class-I-12 Onwards: Applications for Class I and onwards are tested in three subjects – English, Urdu and Mathematics. The pass percentage is 50%. The allotted time to complete the test is 30 minutes. 

  • The papers are not set from any specific textbooks or syllabus but are designed to test the aptitude of the child in the basic subjects. 
  • The list displaying names of selected candidates will be put up on the notice board of the concerned branch on the date given by the school or will be sent to the registered email address or phone number. 

Admission Requirements 

  • Parents are requested to fill in the admission form and pay the registration fees after which they will receive: 
  • Relevant Fee structure slip 
  • Appointment card with date & time for the test 
  • Registration receipt 
  • Admission and fee payment information 
  • Prospectus & Newsletter 
  • The documents to be attached to the Admission Form include: 
  • 2 recent passport-size photographs 
  • Attested photocopy of Birth Certificate 
  • In case of transfer: Report card from the last school  
  • A photocopy of the Provisional Certificate and Character Certificate from the last institution attended 
  • Attested photocopy of Birth Certificate or Form ‘B’ 
  • Copy of CNIC of the father/guardian of the child 
  • The Following Fees are payable at the time of Admission: 
  •  Registration Fee non-refundable 
  •  Admission Fee non-refundable 
  •  Security Fee refundable 
  •  Tuition Fee payable monthly  

We accept students from March through August. The yearly exams are held in May/June, and the academic session, which starts in August/September each year, consists of two terms.  

Welcome letter from the Principal

August 7th 2023

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,

I am thrilled to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to all members of the Bagh Grammar School family for the start of the 2023-2024 academic session. It is both an honor and a privilege to lead this remarkable institution on a journey of excellence and growth.

At Bagh Grammar School, we believe in nurturing not only young minds but also compassionate and well-rounded individuals who will become responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Our school’s mission is to provide a safe, inclusive, and dynamic learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning.

I would like to extend my gratitude to our dedicated and talented staff members who work tirelessly to create engaging and inspiring learning experiences for our students. Their commitment to academic excellence and holistic development is what sets Bagh Grammar School apart.

To our dear students, I want to say that your presence brightens our hallways, and your thirst for knowledge inspires us all. Each one of you is unique, and we are committed to nurturing your individual talents and potential. Embrace challenges, ask questions, and never stop seeking knowledge.

To the parents and guardians, I want to express my appreciation for entrusting us with your children’s education. We value the partnership between home and school and believe that open communication is essential for the growth and success of our students.

This academic year, we aim to introduce innovative teaching methods, enriching extracurricular activities, and opportunities for personal development. Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive environment where every student feels valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.

The new session will start on August 15, 2023. As we embark on this exciting journey together, I encourage everyone to actively participate in the school’s events, programs, and activities. Your involvement and support are invaluable in creating a thriving educational community.

I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. Let us work hand in hand to make this academic year a remarkable one filled with growth, achievement, and memorable experiences.

Once again, a warm welcome to all. Let’s make this a fantastic year at Bagh Grammar School!

With warm regards,




Bagh Grammar School